Website activated 11-Feb-2010 CE. Last update: 24-Oct-2016 CE.
And it still looks as moronic as before!

The grandiose third full length album is now fully recorded.
Progressing towards final mixdown, mastering, visuals, respectively.
Estimated release time, beginning with CD format: first half of 2017 CE.

To those with all the nagging requests:
There are no bottle openers planned for production!

Demons Haunt This Forest, video made by K.G. in late 2006 CE for the blistering opening track off the gnarly debut.

Second album "Firm Grip of the Roots" was released in 2010 CE
and is not to be confused with the awful country/western rape version of the album shameleslly fabricated by some archetypical trickster of an unknown pantheon,
"Firm Grip of the Cowboy Boots" scheduled to be released in year 3000, in Pennsylvania.

Fleshy bites off Firm Grip of the Roots:

Distance is Measured from this Spot
(You are the) Brightest Star

lightning bloodwater


For those bold enough: