Website activated 11-Feb-2010 CE. Last update: 16-Apr-2018 CE.

The third full length album is recorded, mixed and mastered.
The layout for CD version is now finished.
Estimated release time for CD:
before Midsummer 2018 CE,
vinyl later this year.

The album consists of five songs and lasts for a compact duration of ca 46 minutes.

Demons Haunt This Forest, video made by K.G. in late 2006 CE for the blistering opening track off the gnarly debut.

Second album "Firm Grip of the Roots" was released in 2010 CE

Fleshy bites off Firm Grip of the Roots:

Distance is Measured from this Spot
(You are the) Brightest Star

More excellent musick is also bubbling in the cauldron of Making.



For those who dare to venture: